Moving In & Out Cleaning Services in Kenya

Moving in and out cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya, moving is a stressful enough experience on its own. Combine that with all the boxes that need to be packed, furniture moved and a long list of other preparations can be extremely time consuming. Clear Path Movers can help you both in moving and cleaning of your new residence while you focus on other matters. Our professional cleaning staff will handle all of the deep cleaning that needs to be done to leave your house glistening and ready to move in. Our move-in/move out cleaning service will do all the dirty work to prepare your space for the moving department so you can begin the leg of your journey to your new home or apartment with peace of mind. Our move in cleaning services consists of everything in a routine cleaning, plus deep cleaning of the baseboards, oven, stove, refrigerator, ceiling fans, and cabinets and drawers. We also provide all the necessary cleaning supplies.

You want to start fresh in your new space let us help you, our services is here to help you do just that. We have a fully tailored move in/out program which includes steam cleaning carpets, polishing hardwood flooring, window cleaning, and detailed cleaning of all rooms and sanitizing of washrooms.

We recommend a thorough move in cleaning prior to your arrival and before you unload and unpack.

Are you dreaming of a fresh start in your new apartment or a house? Whether you just bought a new house or you’re renting a new place, a deep cleaning is required. You simply cannot have a fresh start if the place is not sparkling clean. Even if someone cleaned the house or apartment before you arrived, you should still want to make sure all the rooms, surfaces, and corners are disinfected, scrubbed, and thoroughly cleaned.