Most Asked Questions

Q.How long in advance do I need to schedule a move?
A. – The sooner the better, that way you can select the time that is more convenient for you. Generally speaking weekends and end of the month days are usually busier.

Q. – Do you provide same day service?
A. – Yes, upon availability.

Q. – Can you move me in a Holiday?
A. – Yes, except Christmas and New Year’s day.

Q. – Do I have to disassemble/assemble the headboard/footboard of the beds?
A. – No, our people have basic tools to do this job.

Q. – What about disconnect/reconnect washer and dryer?
A. – Our people can do this job.

Q. – If I decide to choose the flat or itemized rate, what happens if I add or subtract items at the day of the move?
A. – We can adjust the price adding or subtracting anything you want at the day of the move. If you know, you can call us to make the adjustments in advance.

Q. – Is it appropriate to tip the movers?
A. – We dont encourage this since your pay us to do the job, for your satisfaction is our joy. But out of your generosity or own free will you can. No worker should ask for tips.

Q. – Can you move me in the evening?
A. – Yes, we can.

Q. – Do you move on Sundays?
A. – Yes, all year long.